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Section 3 Employment

What is Section 3?
The Section 3 program requires that recipients of certain HUD financial assistance provides training, employment, contracting, and other economic opportunities to low- and very low-income persons, especially recipients of government assistance for housing and to businesses that provide economic opportunities to low- and very low-income persons.


If you are a recipient of government assistance for housing or if your income falls below HUD's income limits, you may qualify as a Section 3 worker, targeted worker or Section 3 business concern. Learn more about Section 3 on HUD's website at


How does Section 3 apply to Jackson County, Missouri residents and businesses?
IHA is a recipient of federal funding from HUD. Whenever any portion of HUD funding is invested into projects involving housing construction, demolition, rehabilitation, or other public construction (i.e., roads, sewers, community centers, etc.), the requirements of Section 3 may apply. Section 3 is triggered when the normal completion of construction and rehabilitation projects creates the need for new employment, contracting, or training opportunities. When triggered, Section 3 opportunities must be extended to residents and businesses that meet specific criteria.


Section 3 resident criteria:

  • A public housing resident; or
  • An individual who resides in Jackson County, Missouri and who is:
  • A low-income person, meaning families (including single persons) whose incomes do not exceed 80% of the median income for the area, as determined by HUD.
  • A low-income person is defined as families (including persons) whose incomes do not exceed 50% of the median family income for the area, with adjustments for smaller and larger families.
  • A very low-income person, as this term is defined to mean families (including single persons) whose incomes do not exceed 50% of the median family income for the area, as determined by HUD.


Section 3 business criteria:

  • Businesses that are 51% or more owned by Section 3 residents; or
  • Businesses whose permanent full-time employees include persons, at least 30% of whom are currently Section 3 residents, or within three years of the date of first employment with the firm were Section 3 residents; or
  • Businesses that provide evidence of a commitment to subcontract in excess of 25% of the dollar amount of all subcontracts to be awarded to businesses that meet the qualifications described above.
  • Section 3 Businesses are also encouraged to register with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development federal registry at


What are Section 3 employment opportunities?

For training and employment, the following categories of low-income persons (called Section 3 residents) receive priority:

  • those living near a HUD-assisted project;
  • homeless persons; and
  • other Section 3 eligible residents, including residents of public and assisted housing

Economic opportunities available under Section 3 include:

  • Non-Construction/Post-Construction Services
    • Appraisal Services
    • Archeology
    • Building Inspection Services
    • Building Maint
    • Catering
    • Computers/Information Technology
    • Courier Services
    • Engineering
    • Janitorial
    • Landscaping
    • Legal Services
    • Management Consulting
    • Marketing/Photography
    • Printing
    • Real Estate Services
    • Security
    • Surveying Services
    • Transportation
  • Construction-Related Services
    • Architecture
    • Bricklaying
    • Carpentry
    • Cement/Masonry
    • Demolition
    • Drywall
    • Electrical
    • Elevator Construction
    • Engineering
    • Environmental Services
    • Fencing
    • Flooring Installation
    • Heating
    • Insulation/Siding Installation
    • Iron Works
    • Landscaping
    • Machine Operation
    • Painting
    • Plastering
    • Plumbing
    • Roofing

Please also see IHA available employment opportunities at

If you are a potential vendor needing to recruit Section 3 staffing, or if you have any questions regarding the Section 3 Program, please contact Aisha Woods, IHA Human Resources Director at