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Public Housing
Hocker Heights (1 BR - 4 BR): Open
Pleasant Heights (1 BR - 2 BR): Open
Southview Manor (1 BR - 2 BR): Open


Housing Choice Voucher
Independence Housing Authority Section 8:


so that you understand the process of our applications.

The online pre-application that you are about to complete is only the first step to become eligible for an assisted housing unit.

If you indicate on your pre-application that you have a preference such as being elderly, disabled, veteran, homeless, or displaced due to a natural disaster, you'll need to submit documentation within 10 days. If you don't, the preference will be removed. Waitlists are based on points from preferences and timestamps.

When we have openings for new tenants, we'll check pre-applications based on preference points and timestamps. If you're at the top of the list, we'll invite you to fill out a full application. We'll send you an email, text, and robocall to do this. You'll need to submit IDs, social security cards, birth date verifications, income proofs, etc., and give consent for background and landlord checks within a specified time. After we review your full application, we'll decide if you're eligible. If you are, you'll be put on the Waiting List for available units. This is when you'll have a definite place on the list. YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO IF IT CHANGES, or you risk being removed from the list. We'll do our best to process your application promptly, but we can't predict how long it'll take due to demand and unit availability. Hope this clarifies the process before you apply.

For guidance, visit: Help with Applications. We are now accepting applications for public housing. To apply for housing using our web-based system, click on this link. Apply for housing now. If you have already applied and need to change your contact information, click here to Change your Contact Information. Here’s a guide to also assist you with this process. Other guides can be found at

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Click on Bob at the bottom of the application pages for any questions you may have about the application. For additional support, please contact IHA at 816-836-9200.